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Welcome to Mulhuddart Community Centre

This state of the art community facility was built to  be a focal point that provides opportunities and encourages the community to participate in cultural, leisure, educational and recreational activities in a welcoming environment.

Latest News

Art Projects – Summer 2023


Caroline Cowley

Fingal County Public Art Co-ordinator

‘Hi Every Body’,

Fingal County Council have a series of public art projects beginning in Blanchardstown/ Dublin 15 area.

Funded through the Departments of the Environment, Heritage, & Local Government’s ‘Per Cent’ Art Schemes.

A special fund used to create opportunities for artists, to help in their communities.

The Arts Office controlling these Funds wants your views about where you live, the changes that have happened and you think should.

Results from these collected answers will be used in an artistic brief and will be circulated to everyone who participates.

You’re brief will be part of an open call to invite any artists wanting to be part of this attempt

to submit ideas with your area and thoughts in mind.

Your brief will form the process of selection and matching their work for you with this guidance.

If you wish to be part of this please download this: FORM 


Contact Public Art Co-ordinator

01 870 8449


‘Per Cent’ Art Schemes

GLAS @ TU Dublin community garden is now OPEN

An initiative by Fingal County Council, Global Action Plan and TU Dublin.

Based on the GLAS Community garden opened in Ballymun before 2012, this new garden is open to the community groups of the Dublin 15 area.

This garden provides safe space for people of all ages and abilities to reconnect with nature and with each other, it aims to provide participants from all walks of life a space to participate in community based organic growing.

The garden will be open, from February to October.

If you are interested, or would like to find out more  please get in touch:

the GLAS @ TU Dublin garden

New Multi Use Games Area’, in Wellview.

‘Fingal County Council’




happy to announce the ‘1st’, of their funding projects,


½ Multi Use Games Area,

in the ‘Open Green Space’ in Wellview.

Download Document: Here

The Fund aims to support the development of similar facilities, benefitting locals in the Dublin 15 area.

Work is due to start This week, May 8th, and will take 3-4 days.




Please Contact Fingal Community Offices:


Art Class

Art is inside, 'Everyone'... Wednesday PM: Art Classes 2.30pm - 4.30pm Remember, this was the,'FUN', Class in school!