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FREE English Classes!!

Beginning September 22nd @ 10:00am
From mid September the Practical Language Service will be returning to the classroom in the Dublin 15 area.
Beginning in Mulhuddart Community Centre, they will be holding regular, scheduled & structured English classes.
The classes are relaxed & friendly, students are divided into appropriate levels and taught a more practical form of English.
By joining the class you will improve your English, becoming more comfortable with day-to-day interactions and you are also opening yourself to a wider, more diverse social circle. You will introduce yourself to the wider community, both native Irish and other newcomers and through networking, you will open up a whole host of new opportunities.
The classes are intended to help you with everyday issues and to help your integration into your new society. We also run classes focused on specific topics, such as building a CV and finding work to how to seek assistance.
All classes are free and there is no obligation to attend at specific times, you come when you can! The classes in Mulhuddart are also ran in conjunction with several other projects we operate around the city, all of which are open for you to participate in!
For more information or to register:
please contact Stephen directly at 087-368-0860,
or you can message Stephen directly through Facebook

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 Open: September 22, 2021
 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
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