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Welcome to Mulhuddart Community Centre

This state of the art community facility was built to  be a focal point that provides opportunities and encourages the community to participate in cultural, leisure, educational and recreational activities in a welcoming environment.

Latest News

Christmas began Friday the 2nd at Mulhuddart Community Centre.

On Friday, over 600 people came to meet, ‘Santa’, at this year’s Christmas Fair, joining staff and stall holders to, ‘greet’, the ‘Big Man’.

               Everyone who came saying they had a great time, at this shared community event.

      Our Thanks must go out to the ‘Shops’, in this Community who helped with the Raffle Prizes.

Spar (The Crescent)
Faded Barbers
Scissor Sisters Hair Salon
Complete Care Pharmacy
Angels & Flowers
Touchstone Pharmacy
Body Treatments

In fact, ‘We’, would like to thank, ‘Everyone’, who Made this day special!

Time for ‘Raffle Winners’

Caroline Morgren,
Chelsea O’Connell,
Jade Reddy,
Sara Suí.


To come collect them when You can!’

FEAR-LESS Bernardos

FEAR-LESS Bernardos Are here to Help.By offering a Parenting Assistance Program for Children dealing with Stress and Anxiety.Beginning This October!See Poster for further Details or Contact:'Bridgett Johnson' Tel 0864613570